Friday, August 17, 2018

Become a Member of Central Florida STEM Education Council

If joining in January-September: full annual dues will be paid and will cover the remainder of the calendar year. Dues will not be pro-rated.
If joining in October-December: full annual dues cover the remainder of the current calendar year as well as the next calendar year.
***After Completion, you will be sent to the payments page***


To collaboratively coordinate and plan STEM education efforts preparing and encouraging pre-college students to enter technical fields of study and to pursue employment in the Central Florida high-tech workforce. The Council region includes Orange, Seminole, Osceola, Brevard, Volusia, Lake Polk and Flagler Counties.
  • Brand STEM in Central Florida
  • Market STEM to Stakeholders (Student, teachersand parents)
  • Present technical workforce stakeholders as STEM role models
  • Recognize STEM stakeholders’ achievements and technical/financial contributions
  • Maintain a CF STEM Education Council website presence
  • Present Council STEM activities at Local Conferences
  • Host Council events that showcase STEM education
  • Report the State of CF STEM
  • Catalog Council Member STEM programs
  • Identify other STEM programs in the region (formal and informal)
  • Create opportunities to integrate formal and informal STEM programs
  • Locate funding opportunities to support mutual STEM efforts
[stem]  noun   1. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, is the key to our future careers. STEM encompasses almost everything in our daily lives. How we eat, communicate; solve problems, where we live, virtually all of the things we are exposed to, have been developed with a foundation of STEM knowledge. Think of the games we play after school: WII, Hlo, XBOX, how were these created? Will you be the creator of the Next Big Thing?
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