Friday, August 17, 2018

Resource Committee
Chair:  Shawn Harrs, Universal Orlando Resort

•       Build relationships with organizations who could benefit from sponsorship opportunities with the Council

•       Identify, evaluate and pursue government and foundation grants opportunities

•       Identify and engage with corporations with funding set aside for Community/Public Affairs, Education Outreach and Corporate Citizenship

Communications Committee
Chair:  Barb Krna, Cole Engineering

•       Develop and disseminate STEM messages aimed at Educators, Parents, Students and the Business Community

•       Develop and maintain mailing list of media contacts for on-going press releases

•       Develop and publish a monthly e-newsletter

•       Maintain a robust website to provide current news and resources for students, teachers and parents

Membership Committee
Chair:  Sherry Reeves, Manufacturers Association of Central Florida

•       Identify and reach out to individuals and companies who want to engage in and support STEM education

•       Maintain up-to-date membership records

Educators Advisory Committee
Chair:  Bob Seltzer, Navy NAWC TSD and Abdul Siddiqui, Army PEO STRI

•       Identify programs within the participating school districts that coordinate educator, parent and student involvement

•       Provide information about STEM courses being offered within respective schools

•       Coordinate an updated email list with the Council for on-going communication about grants and other STEM activities in our region

•       Convene periodic meetings of district STEM coordinators to identify needs and connect with Council members

•       Manage teacher workshop offered at I/ITSEC

•       Coordinate Council participation in STEM nights and STEM days at local schools

Student Advisory Committee
Chair:  TBD

•       Establish a committee of professionals and students

•       Identify STEM programs and literature focused on middle school students

•       Identify resources needed to fulfill agreed upon programs to be pursued and potential sources

•       Develop an email list for on-going communication

Parent Advisory Committee
Chair:  TBD

•       Establish a committee of professionals and parents

•       Identify programs within schools to establish templates of parental involvement

•       Identify avenues of communication to best reach parents (school emails, take homes with students, other media)

•       Identify needed resources for parent activities and potential sources

•       Establish an email list for on-going communication

[stem]  noun   1. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, is the key to our future careers. STEM encompasses almost everything in our daily lives. How we eat, communicate; solve problems, where we live, virtually all of the things we are exposed to, have been developed with a foundation of STEM knowledge. Think of the games we play after school: WII, Hlo, XBOX, how were these created? Will you be the creator of the Next Big Thing?
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