Friday, August 17, 2018

The Central Florida STEM Education Council mission is to collaboratively coordinate and plan STEM education efforts preparing and encouraging pre-college students to enter technical fields of study and to pursue employment in the Central Florida high-tech workforce.  
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CF STEM Member Spotlight

CF STEM Board Member, Abdul Siddiqui,
supports the Orlando's Robo-Knights:

Robo-Knights is a robotics team from Orlando supported by the Central Florida STEM Education Council.  We are an after school activity team focused on STEM education.  The team represents students from Seminole and Orange County High School and Home Schools near UCF (University, Haggerty, Lyman, Winter Park and Wekiva High School - boys and girls). 

The local individual high schools are having a challenge to support the after school schedule hours to maintain and manage a competitive robotics team.  Army/Navy/Lockheed Martin engineering mentors formed this team structure independent of individual school to best cater to all the local students that want to participate in this great opportunity.  The team mentors have had many successful seasons in the past and will implement their experience to best support the students for a great competition year. 

Robo-Knights are having a very successful sophomore year:

  • Robo-Knights are #1 top ranked team in the FTC Robotics Tesla League
  • Robo-Knights won the Think Award which is given to the Team that best reflects the journey the Team took as they experienced the engineering design process during the build season
  • Robo-Knights were the Finalist Alliance Captain at the Tesla League Championships and also won the PTC Design Award which is presented to Teams that incorporate industrial design elements into their solution
  • Robo-Knights are ranked 4th in FL State and compete in the FL State Championship Sat 25 Feb 2017
[stem]  noun   1. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, is the key to our future careers. STEM encompasses almost everything in our daily lives. How we eat, communicate; solve problems, where we live, virtually all of the things we are exposed to, have been developed with a foundation of STEM knowledge. Think of the games we play after school: WII, Hlo, XBOX, how were these created? Will you be the creator of the Next Big Thing?
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